About Us

Admission Criteria

A new patient must be referred by their GP/Clinic/Hospital Doctor/Oncologist .

A consent form must be completed by the patient and their family.

Medical referral

Policy on access to care

Franschhoek Hospice provides the referral sources and the community with information on the Palliative Care Service rendered by Hospice.

Hospice Care is available to all persons in need of Palliative Care in line with the admission criteria in all the communities of Franschhoek.

The criteria for patients to enter the service are based on the ability of Hospice to provide the necessary services.

All private and Medical Aid patients will be charged for Palliative Care visits

What is Palliative Care ?
Hospice care aims to neither prolong nor hastens death. Our goal is to  improve the quality of the patient’s life by offering comfort and dignity

Areas we service

We serve the whole of the Franschhoek Valley which includes Franschhoek Central, Groendal, Mooiwater RDP Homes, Langrug Informal Settlement, Bosbou, Maasdorp, Wemmershoek, Saagmeul, Hollandche Moelen, Wemmershoek Dam and surrounding farms.

Joann Naude founded Franschhoek Hospice and Voluntary Home Nursing in 1986.

The Belgium Development Cooperation funded the renovations and it was built by Franschhoek Hospice and Voluntary Home Nursing, in co-operation with the Belgian NGO-Livos and the Franschhoek Belgium Development Forum. The new Centre was inaugurated on 15 February 1999 by the Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene.

Hospice House
23a La Rochelle / Akademie Streets
PO Box 257
Franschhoek, 7690

Office hours Monday to Friday 8.30am-14.00pm

Shop hours Monday to Friday 9.00am – 17.00 pm

Sundays and Public holidays – close